Dreaming of 2020

It's only March of 2019 and I'm already thinking about next year's big cosplays!

I'm ready to focus and get back to cosplay and I've already started my list for next year. Some are cosplays I've been dying to do for years while others are some that I've recently come to add to my list. Of course this list my alter or some might get bumped back or forward perhaps. It all depends on life at the time, what cons I'm hitting, or my skill level at the time.

Now on to the list!!!


Aisha Clan-Clan - Outlaw Star

I have been dying to do this char forever! Ever since I first saw Outlaw Star, I was in love. At first I thought I wanted to be Twilight Suzuka or Melfina, but something about this character sprung out to me. Her determination, her spunky spirit, and her attitude. Needless to say....this is going to be a challenge but I'm going to make this happen!!!


The Enchantress (Amora of Asgard) - Marvel

Okay so maybe not this exact version but....okay so maybe this version. We'll see. I know some cons are oh so very strict about some things....but I like this. I have another versiont hat I like but I'm think this is the one. This version speaks to my personality more but we shall see how it goes. I might go on to a more 'traditional' version just to make sure that I can were it everywhere besides just a photo shoot.


Celty - Durarara!!

Come through, Durarara!!

I have always loved this anime and for some reason Celty called me name. I don't know if was just their silent nature that did it for me or not. Even though I seem like such an extrovert I'm still quit introveted to a point. However now that I have things to do a shoot on (a motorcycle), I can make this happen now!


Raditz - Dragonball Z

So might have a slight Dragonball, Dragonball Z fetish. My best friend growing up and I bonded over these anime/manga. Its when I guess he realized I was a girly girl and had no interest in stuff like Barbie's Dreamhouse but in martial arts and the like.

Even if I don't do specifally Raditz, I so want to make my own Saiyan fighter!!


Sailor Pluto - Sailor Moon

Not exactly at the TOP of my list but its on my list nonetheless. I've always loved Sailor Pluto since I watched the Sailor series. Everyone else liked the core group growing up but I loved Setsuna Meioh.

Not sure if I'm going to do a more afro-centric version of her or just keep her as is. I love when I give little nuances to some characters to make them my own.


Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern) - Green Lanter Corps / Justic League

It may not be specifically Jessica Cruz but I want to do a femme Green Lantern. It's been in my notebook for a bit just not sure how to execute her. I'm kind of stoke of doing my own Green Lantern Corps girl but need to design her up a bit more! And I think....I know just how.


Welp....I'm always looking for new inspiration! However there's something super secret I'm working on for things. If it comes to fruition....I'll be debuting it next year if not sooner!!!

However I don't know! This list might get shorter or longer for next year! We shall see what the future holds!